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Onondaga County Announces Loop-the-Lake Trail Extension

Onondaga County Announces Loop-the-Lake Trail Extension

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Onondaga Lake Cleanup By the Numbers

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Honeywell has finished implementing New York State’s cleanup plan for Onondaga Lake using technical excellence and innovative approaches. About 2.2 million cubic yards of material were removed from Onondaga Lake and pumped to a consolidation area at former industrial property off of Airport Road for drying and safe isolation long term. About 2.5 billion gallons of water were treated. Approximately 475 acres of the lake have been capped to provide a new habitat layer, prevent erosion, and isolate remaining contaminants. About 1.1 million native plants, trees, and shrubs are being planted and about 90 acres of wetlands created or enhanced.

Honeywell has published an Onondaga Lake Cleanup Progress report. The report provides monthly data for lake material removed, cap material placed, water treated, wetlands improved, and plants, shrubs, and trees planted.