Community Participation Working Group (CPWG)

The CPWG is meeting throughout the remediation and restoration work, providing a forum to inform, receive input and discuss specific aspects of the design and construction of the lake restoration. There are opportunities for the public to contribute information, opinions, perspectives and recommendations. CPWG meetings are open to the public and consist of public officials, community leaders, citizens, and conservation and environmental group leaders. They are supported by technical experts from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) and Honeywell. DEC has appointed members to the CPWG to help facilitate communication between DEC and the public. Individuals interested in participating should contact Stephanie Webb at DEC Region 7 directly at 315-426-7403.

Onondaga Lake Community Participation Working Group


A milestone in the cleanup of Onondaga Lake was reached in 2014 with the end of dredging. Lake bottom capping was completed in 2016, and habitat restoration was completed in 2017.

DEC created the Community Participation Working Group (CPWG) in 2009. Our task is to operate as an independent panel of community stakeholders to inform, discuss, and offer opportunities for community involvement and input throughout all phases of the cleanup.

Since 2009, the CPWG has metĀ over 60 times. Meetings have consisted of site tours and presentations from scientific experts and project leaders. They have been highly informative and provided a greater understanding of the complexity and successes of the project. As a group of community members, we continue to strive for accurate, open dialogue among the community, DEC, and Honeywell.

For more information or to provide recommendations for future meeting topics, please contact Stephanie Webb at DEC Region 7 at 315-426-7403. I hope to see you at one of our upcoming meetings.