Health and Safety are an Important Part of the Onondaga Lake Cleanup

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Health and safety plans are reviewed by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) and the New York State Department of Health (DOH) and incorporated into every stage of the restoration. These plans include management and monitoring that exceed government requirements and industry standards at other remediation sites.

In 2010, we began construction of the area that holds material removed from the lake and the water treatment plant. A Community Health and Safety Plan describes the protective measures that were taken during this construction. A separate Health and Safety Plan was developed for lake cleanup operations. Air Monitoring results are available here.  Dredging was completed in 2014, a year ahead of schedule.  Capping and habitat restoration are on schedule to be finished in 2016.

The lake dredging and capping project was designed to reduce or eliminate potential hazards (with an enclosed pumping system, double containment pipeline, and industrial-strength geotextile tubes). Honeywell also has coordinated with local emergency responders for seamless integration in the unlikely event of an incident.

We do our work in a way that protects health and the environment and causes the least disruption to the local community.


Understanding and Reducing Odors


The Onondaga Lake Cleanup, One of the Largest Remediation Projects in the Country, Was Designed with Major Consideration for Minimizing Odors.

End of Dredging Fact Sheet


Click here to download the End of Dredging Fact Sheet (4MB PDF)

Health & Safety News

Throughout the project, the air is continuously monitored at the perimeter of
the work zone to ensure concentration levels remain below government criteria.

Community Health and Safety Remains Top Priority

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