Lake Monitoring


The Onondaga Lake cleanup is the result of millions of hours of intensive effort under the supervision of state and federal agencies, and in cooperation with local elected officials and the community. Decades of investigations led to the design and implementation of the dredging, capping and habitat restoration remedy.

Lake dredging was completed in November 2014, a year ahead of schedule. About 2.2 million cubic yards of material were removed from the bottom of the lake using hydraulic dredges. Capping was completed in December 2016.  More than 3 million cubic yards of material consisting primarily of sand, activated carbon, and stone was used to cap 475 acres of the lake bottom, providing a new habitat layer. Habitat restoration, a key focus of the lake cleanup, was completed in 2017.

Onondaga Lake Cleanup Monitoring and Maintenance

Honeywell is implementing a comprehensive Onondaga Lake Monitoring and Maintenance Plan under the oversight of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to ensure the remedy meets the long-term objectives outlined in the cleanup plan. The program includes:

  •  Monitoring restored wetlands and tracking wildlife species utilizing the restored areas
  •  Ensuring natural recovery is progressing in the deep-water portions of the lake
  •  Monitoring surface water
  •  Conducting a comprehensive fish sampling program including small organisms
  •  Collecting samples and monitoring the lake bottom cap

Results will be made available to the public. A comprehensive report will be issued every five years starting in 2019. For more details, view the complete maintenance and monitoring plan.