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Honeywell Receives Audubon New York’s Highest Award for Conserving and Restoring Natural Ecosystems

Honeywell Receives Audubon New York's Highest Award for Conserving and Restoring Natural Ecosystems

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Lake Improvement

Steven Effler

Steven Effler

Significant upgrades made by Onondaga County to its municipal wastewater treatment system plus the construction of Honeywell’s underground barrier wall, which intercepts contaminated groundwater from former factory sites so it can be treated to meet DEC standards before it is returned to the lake, have improved lake water quality to the best in 100 years.

“Upstate Freshwater Institute has been studying Onondaga Lake for more than 30 years. Implementation of state-of-the-art wastewater treatment by Onondaga County and Honeywell’s ongoing lake cleanup have gone a long way to enhance water quality in Onondaga Lake. The improvement is truly remarkable. Onondaga Lake is experiencing a renaissance that few thought possible,” said Steven Effler, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer and Director of Research, Upstate Freshwater Institute, Syracuse.