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Settling Basins 9-15 Closure Plan: Virtual Public Meeting/Public Comment

Settling Basins 9-15 Closure Plan: Virtual Public Meeting/Public Comment

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Nine Mile Creek Conservation Council Demonstrates GPS Capabilities on Water Trail

GEDDES, NY – June 29, 2006 – The Nine Mile Creek Conservation Council (NMCCC) is using the power of satellite technology to help conserve and protect Nine Mile Creek. In a demonstration with members of the Hiawatha Seaway Council Boy Scout Troop 333, the NMCCC tested a new global positioning system (GPS) unit Thursday to document the location of various water obstacles and native aquatic plant species in a half-mile section of the creek in the town of Geddes.

“This GPS unit will enhance the Nine Mile Creek Conservation Council’s ability to assist in the conservation and recovery of Nine Mile Creek,” said Fred Miller, president and founder of the NMCCC. “Thanks to Honeywell, the Nine Mile Creek Conservation Council can generate extensive river and watershed specific mapping data, which will be available free of charge to interested environmental conservation groups and educational organizations.”

The NMCCC will use the GPS unit to identify river and watershed attributes such as rare or endangered plant communities; specific wildlife habitat areas of interest or in need of protection; water quality threat issues affecting trout fisheries and associated aquatic life; improvement and routing options for water and land trails, fishing access points, and birding routes; and water depth at cross sections in the creek. It will also aid in planning water trail maintenance, float-box trout stocking, and guided canoe and kayak excursions. The NMCCC purchased the GPS unit with a grant provided by Honeywell.

This summer, the NMCCC will use the GPS unit to participate in several group studies including mapping Project Watershed’s water quality database and inventorying endangered or threatened invasive aquatic species, such as Japanese Knotweed, with the Cornell Cooperative Extension and Save the County.

Data gathered from the GPS unit will be published on the NMCCC’s website at hours after it is collected.

The mission of the NMCCC is to protect the watershed ecosystem associated with Nine Mile Creek in Syracuse, N.Y. from degradation, and to support continued recovery of this area to realize its full potential value to the community. The organization is dedicated to promoting stewardship for this area in the local community, creating educational programs, recovering appropriate recreational use, caring for and monitoring this river and watershed area. For more information about Nine Mile Creek, visit the NMCCC at or the National American Canoe Association at