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Honeywell Honored at Brownfield Briefing Awards

Honeywell Honored at Brownfield Briefing Awards

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Construction Begins on Area that Will Hold Material Removed from Onondaga Lake

Community Health and Safety Plans, Reviewed by State Authorities, in Place to Monitor Air and Control Dust

Honeywell continues our comprehensive efforts to restore Onondaga Lake while protecting the public’s health and safety. The restoration plan, which was selected by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, includes use of Honeywell property off of Airport Road in Camillus to hold material removed from the lake. Extensive public input has been incorporated into project designs.

“Local labor has been hired and equipment is being delivered. Our first steps are clearing trees and shrubs; improving roads; bringing in clean stone, gravel and soil; grading; excavating and surveying,” said Honeywell Syracuse Program Director John McAuliffe. “Under DEC supervision, we do our work in a way that protects health and the environment and causes the least disruption to the local community.”

Measures are being taken to ensure dust does not leave the work area. During these activities, the air is continuously monitored for dust and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to ensure concentrations at the perimeter of the work zone remain below government criteria. Monitoring results are publicly available in the Health and Safety section at

The Community Health and Safety Plan outlines the management and monitoring of air quality (including monitoring for odor), traffic, noise, and site security. The air monitoring program, which will operate during the entire project, evaluates air quality at the work-zone perimeter. There are eight monitoring stations around the site that are used to measure air quality and to monitor for noise.

The New York State Department of Health sets action levels for dust and VOCs. Proactive measures are taken to help ensure action levels are not reached. If these levels are exceeded, work generating the dust and/or VOCs will be stopped and appropriate measures will be taken.

Honeywell is committed to continue to solicit public input as we develop additional plans including those that identify final end uses for the property once the cleanup is complete.

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